Real Estate

First named Tryall in 1670 by Henry Fairchild and since 1957 a private club, the lure of a home in Jamaica has proved to be irresistible for many which is hardly surprising given the equable balmy climate, a fascinating history and vibrant culture so vividly brought to life by the Jamaican people. Here at Tryall within our 2,200 acres of stunningly lovely landscape, a private shoreline, championship golf and world class tennis, the spirit of living in Jamaica and becomming part of Jamaica rings true.

A number of villas are available for sale as well as a few remaining Lots of land that enable the purchaser to design and build a home to their own specifications. 

A homeowner at Tryall is a Proprietary Member of the Club and this is a voting membership. There is a one-time Initiation Fee of US$100,000 which is payable upon approval of and confirmation of Membership. Annual Membership Dues also apply and these are tiered according to the number of bedrooms a villa has. 

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